Mini Sessions are shortened photo sessions that take place on a pre-designated day with your time slot allocated between other client's sessions. 

Mini Sessions:

- are great for those who have frequent photo sessions, once or more per year

- are perfect for momentous times such as high school or university grad, pregnancy, or an amazing new outfit/ matching outfits

- are ideal for those who appreciate traditional photos where everyone is looking at the camera, since there will be more emphasis on this

- are often offered around themed holidays (Christmas, Valentine's, Mother's Day, Graduation, Halloween...)

- are great for cold times of the year, where you don't want to be outside much longer than 15 minutes anyway

- are either held in my studio in Pitt Meadows, or in a pre-determined natural or urban outdoor location around the Greater Vancouver area.

- are only offered several times per year


Mini Sessions:

- are not a cheap way of getting photos

- are not to make up for the fact that you haven't had family photos taken for the last 15 years

- are not going to cover every angle, pose, or grouping that is possible

- are not invincible to children's meltdowns or baby's nap and feeding times

- are not recommended for extended family or large family groupings

- are not recommended for people who have insecurities or don't like themselves in photos (15 minutes is not enough time to loosen up and get used to the camera)


Hi, I'm Leslie, a photographer in the Greater Vancouver area who specializes in luxury family and wedding photography experiences. I have been offering full service portrait sessions, which are more like "maxi-sessions," to my clients for the past 13 years. 

My full-service sessions involve exploring around an area, story-telling photos, heaps of creativity-- and when families are involved, lots of room for children's meltdowns, feeding, and even games to get the children having fun. Full service sessions include consulations, collaborative location selection, no session time limit, as well as custom album designs and wall art available to purchase after the session.

Mini Sessions are a fraction of the time of a full service session, allowing me to do several sessions in a day during a time of high demand around holidays such as Christmas and Mother's Day. I am excited to offer them beginning in late 2020.

Please consider whether a full-service or mini-session is best for you.