Hi, I'm Leslie, a photographer in the Greater Vancouver area who specializes in luxury family and wedding photography experiences. Mini Sessions, aka Marathon Sessions, are shortened photo sessions that take place on a pre-designated day with a time slot allocated between other sessions. 

I have spent the last few years resisting offering Mini Sessions, because I like my regular photo sessions to be more like "Maxi Sessions", where you get the most out of me that I can give. My regular sessions involve exploring around an area, story telling photos, a lot of creativity, with lots of room for children's meltdowns, feeding, and even games to get the children having fun. 

However I do see that there is a need for mini sessions. Mini sessions are not a way of getting cheap photos. It is not a stand-in for a full family session, or to make up for the fact that you haven't had any family photos in the last 15 years. The following reasons listed are why a mini session might be right for you:

1. you frequently have photo sessions 

2. themed

3. awesome outfit to show off

4. too cold 

5. just need a few simple photos 

6. high school grad or other momentous time in your life


not recommended:


touching moments

creative angles

large group of extended family

for people with insecurities or who pick themselves apart in photos


Though the list above may seem strict, it is only there because I want your session to be as successful as possible. Those who have been photographed by me know that even though I have a very casual personality, I take photo session conditions seriously- I want the best lighting, the best location, and the most enjoyment and fun for you as we possibly can!