April 19, 2013

Brides and their Bouquets III

It’s our third annual post of brides and their bouquets!!!  Each year I become more and more in love with flowers thanks to all the weddings I get to witness.  This is also a chance to show off our amazing couples, as our brides are all so unique from each other and we love to capture that.

Take a walk down memory lane to see some of our bouquets from the past:

Brides and their Bouquets 2011

Brides and their Bouquets 2010

And now!  Here are some of our (my) favourite bouquets, 2012 edition!  I would love to have people chime in and identify the flowers for us *please!! * Also, if you are a florist or the bride or groom, please let us know who your florist is- we love to credit them and support them in any way we can.  They will also be uploaded to our facebook page, and the easiest place to chime in is there.

The first five are my top five bouquets:

1. Tammy’s colourful mix of pink and purple calla lilies, orchids, roses, AND my new favourite flower (sorry peonies, you’ve been replaced!), Anemones.   This is my new favourite bouquet:

anenome bouquet

2. Kelly’s wonderfully textured bouquet with succulents (LOVE succulents!), ranunculus (also LOVE), roses, dahlias (more LOVE!), yellow button mums, and more. dahlia succulent bouquet

3. It has always been a selfish dream of mine to photograph a wedding with a bouquet of vintage brooches.. and Lauren made my dreams come true!  Even better, she gathered the brooches from her loved ones, bringing so much meaning to her arrangement.  vintage brooch bouquet

4. I like colour.  Almost all of my favourite bouquets from weddings are very colourful.  However, many of our brides LOVE white bouquets.  So it’s only fair that I give white a chance : )  Marian’s bouquet of white orchids, hydrangeas, and light pink roses was pieced together so perfectly…that perfect is the word that repeatedly comes to my mind when I see her bouquet.  white orchid mixed bouquet

5. I had to include Caroll’s bouquet in my top five because not only is it beautifully coloured in FUN sherbert tones, it contains another favourite of mine: Craspedia Billy Balls!!  Those fun yellow balls… who doesn’t love them?!  sherbert coloured bouquet


And in no particular order at all, here are more favourites of ours!!  Ahhh I love them all!

Catherine and her purple tones of dahlias, roses, and hydrangeas by Celsia florist:purple dahlia hydrangea bouquet

Heather and her purple hydrangeas by Celsia Florist:purple hydrangea bouquet

Ashley and her winter bouquet of red roses and pussy willow, by Hilary Miles:pussy willow red rose bouquet

Nicole and her light palette of roses and hydrangeas:wedding bouquet

Courtney and her white roses, I couldn’t imagine her with any other bouquet, it was perfect for her!ivory rose bouquet

Rianna and her very soft purple bouquet of roses and some calla, by Flowerz:light purple rose bouquet

Beautiful Marissa and her orange/red bouquet of callas and roses:orange red calla rose bouquet

Nicole added some peacock feathers for a fun touch to her red rose bouquet:red rose bouquet

Pearl’s ivory/white bouquet of roses, hydrangeas, and star of bethlehem:white rose

Gina’s purple tones of roses, dahlias, and more:purple dahlia rose bouquet

Rachel’s perfectly round bouquet of  white roses, and star of bethlehem:white rose pearl bouquet

Celina’s white bouquet of callas and roses:rose calla bouquet

Malinda’s bouquet of red roses, at our rainiest wedding ever (but so fun!):diamond red roses bouquet

Ailin’s elegant bouquet of orchids and roses:white rose bouquet

Naomi’s fun bouquet with a mix of hydrangeas, roses, and little daisies:white hygrangea mixed bouquet

I really love the red tipped succulents on Stef’s bouquet- so fun and unexpected!:succulent bouquet

Negar’s yellow mix in her bouquet matched her wedding theme and colours perfectly:yellow white mixed bouquet

Wendy’s bouquet of ivory roses and callas:white calla rose bouquet

Helen’s elegant bouquet of callas, roses, hydrangeas by Flower Factory.  The dark foliage gives her bouquet a unique look that I like:white calla hydrangea bouquet

I’m definitely lovin’ Natalie’s bouquet of succulents and green hydrangeas:succulent bouquet

Mindy’s bouquet of peonies and roses (and more!):calla roses peony bouquet

Colleen’s sweet bouquet of red roses are perfect with her fun shoes!winter red rose bouquet

Joanna’s purple and pink mixture of callas, roses, and orchids was a very welcome surprise at her winter wedding:purple calla white rose bouquet

Mariko’s happy mixture of pink roses:pink white roses bouquet

Afshaneh’s light bouquet with a hint of pink, filled with roses and some very special flowers that I have forgotten the name of.. but love!pink rose bouquet

Ivy’s beautiful bouquet of peonies.  She had a daytime wedding, so did her bouquet toss after her ceremony, before we went out to take photos- so this photo was taken after the bouquet had been tossed and hit the ground!  Still looks great though : )  By Balconi:

peonies roses bouquet

Kim’s cascading bouquet from her winter wedding:cascade bouquet

Nicole’s very white bouquet of peonies.. ahhh I love peonies so much – tight or loose, love them all in bouquets!peonies white bouquet

She’s one of the most elegant people I have ever met, and I think Xi’s bouquet suited her perfectly:orchid white rose bouquet

Jeevan’s pink mixed bouquet of orchids and callas matched her sari with perfection:orchid bouquet purple pink

Kim’s orange bouquet of daisies, callas, roses, and mums was an excellent fall bouquet:orange daisies calla bouquet

Ivory roses and calla for Andrea’s late fall wedding:ivory calla lilly bouquet

Lillies, daisies, roses, and more in Kara’s summertime bouquet:orange yellow white mixed bouquet

White callas for Nicole’s tall bouquet of white mini calla, lisianthus, Ornithogalum, with a cuff of galax leaf.  By Larissa at Bridal Beginnings:ivory calla bouquet



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